Overnight FAD Fishing Trips

     The Circle Hook offers overnight FAD fishing trips that depart from the Los Sueños Marina. These trips can be customized to your schedule and comfort. The FAD's (Fish Aggregation Device) are any structures that attract large concentrations of bait fish. These structures create an independent ecosystem. The bait bring in the Tuna and Mahi, and thus attract the Marlin to feed. 

     In Costa Rica, we have two distinct seasons. A rainy season or "green season" which typically spans from late April or early May until October and a dry season from the end of October to April. We see higher release numbers in these "greener" months due to the migratory pattern of the Marlin. The FAD structure leads to the concentration of nutrients and and are strategically located in the migratory zones thus leading to a concentrated population of Marlin in one designated area. 

     The Circle Hook can take up to 3 anglers comfortably on these overnight excursions. Please reach out with your group dynamic, fishing goals and target dates and we will put together a custom package that meets and exceeds your needs.